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You are what keeps us going. We want to thank all of our customers that have reached out to provide testimonials.

“Proper shooting form and shot execution starts at your feet. Your feet require a foundation for consistent shot placement! Investing in the correct footwear can be the difference between success and failure. 

My chosen footwear foundation... Lathrop & Sons Custom Boot Systems! These guys are professional. They created for me not only the most comfortable & personalized boots I own, but a sense of confidence when it counts.”

Pete Shepley, PSE Archery 

“These guys don’t just make boots, they fit boots! The owners have an insane amount of knowledge in the foot and footwear arena and as hunters, can guide you to the best possible boot for your adventure. We saw such a huge difference in how they approach fitting and designing boots, we now exclusively trust L&S Boots and their Custom Boot System on all our mountain hunts.”

- Allen Bolen, Bolen Lewis Trophy Guiding Co. 

“At Deuling Stone Outfitters, we offer multi-species hunts with all mountain game offered. Over the years we have noticed many of our hunters have been limited by showing up for their hunt with inadequate footwear. This has cost many lost days of hunting due to sore or blistered feet. After many years of searching for a solution to minimize boot issues, we were introduced to the Lathrop & Sons Custom Boot System. We recommend that all of our hunters use their services to help ensure a successful and comfortable hunt. They have incredible customer service and an essential product for mountain hunters. Thanks for the great product!”

- Jarrett Deuling, Deuling Stone Outfitters

“Among the many things my Drill Sergeant taught me back in boot camp, taking care of my feet proved to be invaluable! Fast forward 25 PLUS years and becoming a “Mountain Hunter” I struggled to find the proper fit for my hiking boots. Sore feet with multiple blisters left me seeking for NOT the most cost effective, but the MOST comfortable and durable boot for the long hikes in to the backcountry. Look no further than the Lathrop & Sons Custom Boot System with their individual mapping of each foot and the most advanced footbeds that fit your individual foot perfectly. I’m HOOKED and can never go back! Thank you Lathrop & Sons for the most amazing mountain boot on the planet!” 

– Dan Catlin, The Wildlife Gallery 

“For over 10 years now, I have trusted my feet to Lathrop & Sons boots, insoles and their custom fitting process. There’s not another system on the market that has come close to being able to match the custom fit and feel of their boots for me.
I make my living in the mountains, living out of a pack and I cant afford to trust my feet to anyone else. I know that when I lace up my L&S boots, that the performance, fit and function that I count on will always be there.” 

– Justin Shaffer, Guide & Outfitter Program Director, KUIU Ultralight Hunting 

“As a Professional Outfitter and Hunting Guide averaging well over 120 days a year in the field, my hunting boots are the most important tool I own. I started working with Lathrop & Sons a few years back to help with the important task of finding the best boot and getting the best fit I could. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of service, knowledge, and time spent with Stephen Lathrop and the crew at Lathrop & Sons. The end product was a boot with a fit that didn’t need a break in and holds up to the rigors that I put them through day in and day out and season to season. They know what fair chase mountain hunting is all about and will get you into a boot to fit your needs with a fit that provides the kind of comfort you shouldn’t live without.” 

- Dax McCarty, Wagonhound Outfitters

“I’ve been a hard core big game hunter, outfitter/guide for over 25 years and have had the unique opportunity to field test more boots than I can remember. Throughout those years I’ve encountered more than my share of blisters and hot spots wearing boots that just didn’t get the job done! I demand boots that are comfortable, durable and will hold up in the most rugged terrain that Mother Nature has created. When I make that critical decision to lace a pair of boots onto my feet it is with a high degree of confidence that those boots will get me safely on and off the mountain. Lathrop & Sons Boots are what I wear and are simply the best on the market! I never climb a mountain without them!” 

- Randy Johnson, High Desert Wild Sheep Guides 

“Until you've worn a Lathrop & Sons Custom Boot System with their Custom High Country Synergy Footbed fitted to your feet, you have no idea what you’re missing!” 

- Zac Griffith, Summit Productions

“When hunting trophy animals you must have total confidence in your equipment—failure is not an option. While on my quest to complete my Super Slam, the Custom Boot System you designed for me is unbelievable and takes footwear to the next level. Your professionalism and attention to detail is easily apparent. From the moment I slipped them on, I could tell this wasn't just any boot. It was MY boot system and the fit is fantastic. I will be recommending your custom boot services to all my hunting friends. Simply brilliant!”

– Chase Fulcher, Hoyt USA and Easton Pro Staffer 

“After injuring my foot while training for my BC Stone sheep hunt, the thought of not fulfilling this dream almost became reality! The professionals at Lathrop and Sons understood the importance of my hunt and my problem. Within weeks, through multiple consultations and alterations my boot system arrived. The level of comfort was amazing! I was able to navigate the mountains and harvest a beautiful 172" ram. You guys are the best! Thank you for everything!” 

-Joe LaSpada

3D Foot Mapping Kit

The Lathrop & Sons 3D foot mapping kit has been designed with advanced 3D mapping technology to ensure that you get the right boot size. Our foot mapping kit comes with four cutting-edge, 3D imprint templates with detailed instructions. The box features a UPS return label to facilitate easy returns.

Each 3D mapping imprint kit costs $150. Custom Boot systems may be priced differently depending on several things including foot type, specific needs, and chosen boot. If you would like a custom 3D mapping Kit, please give us a call or email us to get your custom boot system price.

By purchasing the 3D Foot Mapping Kit you are acknowledging that you have thoroughly read the L&S Custom Boot System content and fully understand our process and the cost(s) associated with this unique Custom Boot System.


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