L&S Total Boot Cleaning Kit from Granger's


L&S Total Boot Cleaning Kit from Granger's

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Struggling with boot fit?

Hop on the phone with one of the owners Stephen or James and find YOUR solution.

Here is a handy kit that includes all the items you need to take care of your boots and other footwear.

FOOTWEAR+GEAR CLEANER is a powerful, yet bluesign® approved spray-on cleaner formulated to remove all dirt and grime and odours from all footwear and gear – meaning you can also give your backpack a spruce while you’re at it! 9.2 fl oz

FOOTWEAR REPEL is FOOTWEAR+GEAR CLEANER's right-hand man. A spray-on proofer for all footwear including Suede, Nubuck, Leather and Fabric. 9.2 fl oz

LEATHER CONDITIONER is perfect for giving any leather footwear a little extra love. An easy-to-use wax which nourishes and revitalises any leather uppers.   2.6 fl oz

BOOT BRUSH is the ideal footwear-cleaning tool and a great first step before cleaning your footwear. This wooden-handled brush has tough bristles which means it’ll remove any dried-on dirt (no matter how tough) and all without impairing performance. Its pointed end is also great for cleaning treads and other hard-to-reach places.

So, with this handy kit covering all your footwear care needs, why not start planning where your feet will take you next.